Global Incident Database

Feature Building up an inventory of incidents (particularly loss events) helps to improve processes and supports the avoidance of future issues. VELA’s incident management module is to detect, log and handle incidents occurring within your organisation. For investment managers, VELA offers a similar module to collect data in context with investment breaches. Your Contact Alexander […]

Action & Milestone Monitoring / Dashboard

Feature VELA’s Actions module enables users to open required actions resulting from issues detected during the regular control process or due to audit findings or from incidents. Management can track the progress of any action item and achieved milestones. Furthermore, a ‘Dashboard’ function allows the monitoring of any due or overdue activity like the execution […]

Pre-built Standard Solution

Feature Any organisation is the sum of its processes and therefore, process management forms an integral part of every company. VELA offers a pre-implemented set of standard processes, policies, controls and reports which fit the vast majority of all players in the financial industry and can easily be adapted if requested. Your Contact Alexander Seitz […]

BCM & RCSA Modules

Feature VELA helps to go through the full risk management lifecycle: Identification of risks, Analysis of risks, Evaluation of risks, risk mitigation, monitoring of risks. This includes a fully digitalized solution for an efficient Risk and Control Self-Assessment process (RCSA). In addition, a BCM Module (Business Continuity Management) supports you to be prepared in the […]

Central Audit proof documentation

Feature The audit proof and central storage of all information (controls, KRIs, policies, etc.) allows to satisfy audit request in standardized and most efficient manner. VELA is your long-term archive by building an information history. Your Contact Alexander Seitz Edit Content +41 44 281 92 57 + 41 76 732 90 07 More features

Broad range of Reporting Solutions

Feature VELA offers a variety of Reporting features: A ’press the button’ standard solution for immediate reporting purposes to Executive Management and Board of Directors The possibility to extract data from specific views (lists) in the tool’s front end for a quick data export and individual use A generic data download with the possibility to […]